Innovative forage preservation for global agriculture.

Our uncompromising focus on the production of technically advanced silage stretchfilm products has helped farmers and  agricultural contractors to wrap millions of silage bales worldwide each year to create high quality ensiled fodder for over twenty five years. Our portfolio includes:

Underpinning our success to date and central to our vision for the future is a desire to be more than just a supplier. We aim to be a partner - working with the agricultural community and doing whatever we can to help them improve both the quantity and quality of the silage they produce.

It's this approach that inspired us to create the world's first multi layer balewrap, to build an on-going knowledge sharing partnership with some of Europe's leading silage research establishments and to help establish the Silage Advisory Centre - an industry initiative that offers advice on maximising forage through better grassland management and a more effective use of big baled silage.