Smart transit packaging solutions for the supply chain.

Modern distribution operations are more advanced and complex than ever before. To keep pace with a new generation of demands, bpi.stretchfilms have developed a new generation of high performance products that includes high quality pallet stretchfilm. Our range includes:

Without exception and recognising that stoppages can be costly in an area where time is money, these products have been engineered to offer exceptional levels of reliability and consistency. Other benefits universal to our entire range include strong optical properties to enhance load presentation as well as impressive strength for superior load protection and pallet stability.

Our long industry experience and technical expertise have enabled the development of an array of next generation pallet stretchfilms that add value in new and innovative ways. These films include films which employ downgauging technology to offer all the performance of conventional films from half their thickness leading to a marked reduction in the amount of film used and the amount of waste created.