Quality assured

To ensure our products reach you free from material or manufacturing defect, every aspect of our production operations from raw materials to our production process and distribution procedures is subject to rigorous, regular and random quality checks by our Quality Assurance team who work to the stringent standards demanded by our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Certificate No. Q 05765
ISO 9001:2008

Certificate No. EMS 53525
ISO 14001:2004

Protecting the environment

In today's eco-aware world, polythene film must do more than package, protect and contain. It must perform all of these functions and in a way that's sustainable.

At bpi.stretchfilms, we don't just know this; we advocate it and continue to develop solutions accordingly. Our commitment to the environment has made us the experts in creating products that allow customers to enjoy all the benefits of polythene - such as its light weight, high strength and impressive flexibility - without compromising their environmental policies.

In line with the waste hierachy of reduce, reuse and recycle, our stretchfilm products are 100% recyclable and our downgauged film technology has enabled the production of film with considerably thinner profiles which result in less film by weight being required and so less recyclable film waste being created.

Additionally we have worked alongside our sister business bpi.recycled products, Europe's largest recycler of polythene waste, to establish waste film outlets for pallet stretchwrap and agricultural films in order to give them a second life as everything from outdoor furniture and refuse sacks to building materials.